Congratulations on your decision to become a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant! I truly believe the reason for our success now and in the future can be traced to one common factor: quality people like you! Welcome to our “Super Fantastic” Unit!

     Our unit number is DD94. We are in the Ruby Seminar and are in the Pamela Fortenberry-Slate National Area.

     I love this business because you never stop learning, and there are always opportunities to grow. The first few weeks of your Mary Kay career may feel like a whirlwind! However, once you have chosen & ordered your MK store and held your first Mary Kay appointment, you will be on the path for success. I strongly urge you to start scheduling and holding your first appointments as soon as you receive your Starter Kit, because what you lack in experience you can make up for in enthusiasm! Although you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of continuous education in your Mary Kay career, ACTIVITY will provide your greatest sense of learning. Mary Kay herself said, “You can do everything right with the wrong attitude and fail to succeed, but you can do everything wrong with the RIGHT ATTITUDE and SUCCEED beyond your DREAMS!” The first few weeks in your Mary Kay career can really set the pace for your future.

     As your Director, I am your business advisor. I am here to guide and mentor you in your Mary Kay Career but you get to choose how and when you want to run your business. Remember, this is YOUR business – and you CAN make it happen! And with the wonderful support waiting for you at our Success Meetings, you are in business for yourself but never by yourself, I am so excited for you! I care about your future and I am committed to helping you succeed. You’ll want to try all the products, listen to your welcome CD's, and attend your training and meetings weekly. As always, I will match my time 100% with your effort! Be patient with yourself and just take it one step at a time! Call me today to get your business moving. I am looking forward to working and celebrating your success with YOU!

Love & Bee-lief in you,


1) Call me at (925) 308-4486 (CA Office) or at (503) 851-2717 (cell phone) to review & discuss your Inventory Options along with the Product Bonuses. Qualified Inventory Decisions placed within your first 15 days will receive your FREE Custom Color 101 Look and other free product bonuses!

2) Open a separate personal checking account at any local bank that offers FREE checking. Secure a debit card & linked savings. Keep your business and personal finances separate. Mary Kay checks are available at MK Connections.

3) Try ALL the products in your Starter Kit & study the Look & Beauty books & all training materials. Set up your starter kit bag (add cotton balls, Q-tips and headbands). Go through the Start Something Beautiful Magazine.

4) Get your New Business outfit picked out! I recommend a black skirt and white blouse with a sweater or jacket, nude hose and black shoes. This will set you up for your RED JACKET attire!

5) Celebrate this new beginning and create a goal poster with your goals and dreams.

6) When you have your first sales, call me so we can fill out your Weekly Accomplishment Sheet (WAS) online at Mary Kay InTouch under Business Tools!

7) Check your email daily!

8) Call, text or email ME every time you have a $100 day, sell a basic skin care set or do an interview!
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