Communication determines the healthiness of all relationships.
To ensure you're always receiving the training and support you need, please see the different ways we can stay connected!

     Emails are sent to you several times a week from me for training and information. This also includes emails regarding up and coming events. The email address you listed with Mary Kay is the email address I will add to my distribution list. It you would like to use an alternate email, or would prefer to be on my less often email list, please let me know!

My Email:
       Our Company website is amazing! Click on the icon to the left and enter your consultant number and password to gain access to TONS of information! Plus you can create your own orders online. The Education tab on the homepage will take you to the main training area.
       Our Unit and Future Area Website is exciting and informative! It's your link to all that is happening in our Area! Stay updated and see what is new with products, recognition and Area challenges by checking in regularly. There are many training documents to help you in our Training Center.
Our Unit Website:
Our National Area Website:
     Call me! Please program my numbers into your cell phone so you can know when I am trying to call you. I love working with consultants so call me as often as you like!

CA Home Office: (925) 308-4486
Cell Phone: (503) 851-2717
       Training: Our unit is in many states. Local Training is usually held on Monday and Tuesday Nights. I'd be happy to help you locate a training event in your zip code! Remember - those who show up, go up!